Ten business opportunities for the electrical contracting sector [E-BOOK]

2. Smart ageing: independent living for elderly people

A smart house adapts to the evolving needs of its occupants as they move through the different stages of their life. When emphasis is placed on the living and care functions, a smart house can become a smart ageing house. Or, smart housing for active 50-plusers. Technological assistance, such as electric cooking plates that automatically switch off, stairlifts, automatic access and garage doors, surveillance cameras, and entry control, allows individuals of advancing age to reside in their own home for longer periods. With 20% of the population of Europe over 65 by the year 2020, the market potential is large. The renovation sector will become the main market for smart ageing, since ageing people often do not wish to move into a new dwelling. Nor is there even sufficient space available to build new housing for this growing segment of the population.

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