Advanced technologies in cogeneration and polygeneration processes

In the context of Directive on energy end-use efficiency and energy services, cogeneration and advanced technologies on energy conversion take a relevant role in the energy landscape.

Simultaneous generation of electrical and useful thermal energy (hot, cold, or both) is an obvious way to optimize the consumed energy efficiency. In the last decade, cogeneration has had, in a world level, a big deployment, thanks to the use of gas and the fact of taking advantage of biomass and other waste products energetically valuable. However, there are possibilities to extend cogeneration applications by means of new technologies of multiple generation of: electrical power, heat, cold, desalination and/or regeneration of water and chemical products in general.

The priority performances about this context are being centred in the development and researching of a distinguished group of electrical micro-generation technologies, which energetic benefits highlight because of a high global index of efficiency. In this group of advanced technologies Fuel Cells, Stirling Motor and Gas Microturbines are included.

This paper presents the current state of development of above mentioned advanced technologies, in the field of distributed generation, which are involved in cogeneration and poligeneration processes.

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