March 27th, 2015

Energy savings in the high temperature industry (part 2)

Part 2 of energy-savings in the energy-intensive high temperature industry covers process utilities, motors & drives, and industrial buildings.

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March 20th

Copper Academy

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Power Cable Academy

Power cables are key assets in electricity networks that can have a strong impact on the cost of electricity, but also influence the quality of service experienced by consumers. Through this academy, Leonardo ENERGY promotes lifecycle thinking and best practices asset management for cables. It does so by providing monthly webinars delivered by expert speakers. In addition to economics and technology, also environmental and business aspects are covered.

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Will there ever be a potential for Demand Response in residential dwellings?

Maybe we should forget about it and concentrate on offices and industry only? To be successful, won't Demand Response actions need to run automatically? Will this be too costly to implement for the very distributed, small-scale residential demand?

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March 18th

Integrated Home Systems - Chapter 1 - Definition

The term “integrated home systems” is incr easingly used when referring to modern electrical installations in homes. This term also raises a few problems, however. It is a container term. Everybody has his own un derstanding of it. People can be at cross purposes when talking about integrated home systems, and can actually be talking about different things. A young technology needs this like a hole in the head.

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March 16th

Overview of Webinars 2005 - 2015

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March 14th

15 years of Leonardo ENERGY

Hans De Keulenaer
Post date: 
Sat, 03/14/2015 - 21:03

Since 2000, the Leonardo ENERGY Initiative has been supporting the sustainable energy transition. In this webinar, we’ll be making a trip down memory lane and look at past milestones and achievement. We’ll start with the award-winning Leonardo Power Quality Initiative which was our focus between 2000 and 2005. Building on this solid foundation, Leonardo ENERGY gradually expanded into energy efficiency, renewables, smart homes, demand-side management, energy policy and much more.

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March 13th

Assessing the impact of geothermal energy on sustainable development

With geothermal energy usage for both electricity generation and heating set to increase significantly, the world’s geothermal resources need to be used in a sustainable manner that is compatible with the well-being of future generations and the environment.

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March 10th

Power System Flexibility Strategic Roadmap

Relying almost entirely on energy from variable renewable resources will require a transformation in the way power systems are planned and operated. This report outlines steps for overcoming the challenges in creating power systems with the flexibility needed to maintain system stability and reliability while relying primarily on variable energy resources. The work is largely a synthesis of the many reports and studies on this subject.

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March 9th

Smart Cities Monitor

The Sustainable Electricity Systems – Smart City Lighthouse Cases, analyses 39 smart city projects which have implemented smart grid technologies in order to make their electricity generation, distribution and consumption more sustainable and efficient.

In this first report 6 lighthouse cases out of the 39 smart city projects are analyzed in detail. The purpose of this study is twofold:

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