May 3rd, 2016

Flexibility of Electrical Installations

This white paper is one of a series of thematic white papers covering various aspects of electrical installations in houses, flats and residential units. They are aimed at architects, designers, specification writers, decision makers, installers and students.

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April 22nd

Energy savings of energy management systems

Two Taiwanese authors collated a few hundred case studies on energy management since the 1970s and analysed their potential energy-saving effect.

Energy management systems have been extensively studied for almost 40 years. The researchers from the National Taipei University of Technology in Taipei, Taiwan looked at 276 papers written on the topic of EMS between 1976 and 2014 and broke them down into three categories:

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April 15th

Renewable energy on islands

The remoteness and small size of many of the world’s islands means an unhealthy dependence on expensive imported fossil fuels, and a corresponding key role for renewables

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April 8th

Improving school electrification

Thousands of schools throughout the world lack basic electrification and hence sub-optimal lighting, heating and modern teaching tools. However, planners, investors and policymakers have a number of tools available to improve energy for education.

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April 4th


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April 1st

What is the LCOE of a hybrid system?

Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) is generally used to compare individual generating technologies. But what if LCOE was calculated for a hybrid PV + battery + CHP system?

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March 25th

Dutch Parliament to vote on accelerating the adoption of zero-emission vehicles

If the motion is passed, it will enable the Dutch presidency of the EU to promote electric mobility across Europe

On Tuesday 29th March the Dutch Parliament will vote on a motion requesting the Dutch government to make new car sales emission-free by 2025 and to extend this to a European context. This would be an important step to enable the current Dutch presidency of the EU to push for accelerated electric mobility in Europe.

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March 11th

Differences in renewable energies in EU Member States

Three Romanian researchers have provided a useful overview of the state of renewable energies across the European Union

Renewables are considered a key element in the energy policy of the European Union. They could cover a large proportion of Europe’s energy needs, help maintain and defend Europe’s leadership potential in terms of innovating new technologies, and generate significant employment opportunities.

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March 4th

Country Energy Profiles and Policies

Country Energy Profiles and Policies
This webinar tour of EU countries discusses national energy policies in comparison with EU policy. The focus is on sustainable energy (renewables & efficiency).
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Functionality and flexibility in residential electric installations

Over the years, the electrical installations of houses, flats and residential units have become more and more complex. A few decades ago it was sufficient to provide a few lighting points, switches, socket-outlets and, perhaps, a single phone connection. Now the requirements are much more sophisticated, partly due to the different lifestyles and needs of the occupants.

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