Repenting recidivists

Old habits are hard to break. If you are sceptical about climate change, you may want to cling to that view, but if you prefer to deal with the matter, a habitual approach can be very useful. The repenting recidivist may have an advantage in his mindset! Let us, however, deal with the matters one by one.

The well-known sceptical environmentalist, (as he calls himself,) Bjørn Lomborg, is marketing his new book “Cool it”. He does so in an article with the witty title “Global Warning” in which he repeats his arguments that there are other issues more pressing and important to deal with than the global warming.

As in earlier articles, the stories told are anecdotal and fragmented, and often seem to be taken out of context. It is true that many of us have, in many respects, a better life today than decades ago, but that is certainly not evidence of a continuous development for the betterment of all, worldwide.

Polar bears, too close for comfort

He claims that the polar bear, an oft-used indicator of global warming hazards, is a growing population, and the hunting in Hudson Bay is more dangerous to these animals than global warming. The truth seems to be that the reason for the hunting in Hudson Bay is that polar bears have to retreat and find new habitats when the ice melts. They then come “too close for comfort” to humans in the villages who sometimes have to give an armed response.Read full article

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