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July 31st

Connecting Distributed Generation (DG) units to the network

By David Chapman & Bruno De Wachter

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July 30th

New report on Opportunities and Challenges for the concentrating photovoltaic power industry

Thanks to Belen Galego from CSPToday for pointing us to this new NREL report about the opportunities and challenges for development of a mature concentrating photovoltaic power industry. It's about 20 pages packed with interesting information.

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Replacement of existing wind turbines

In countries that started early with wind energy (Germany and Denmark), old wind turbines are often placed at locations where the wind is very good. Since the best locations for wind in these countries are occupied by old wind turbines with lower energy outputs compared with new wind turbines, programmes were started to replace the old turbines (5 up to 15 years old) with modern ones. With repowering, first-generation wind turbines can be replaced with modern multi-megawatt wind turbines.

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July 17th

Wind energy subsidies yield more than they cost

Wind energy is often criticised by competing forms of energy generation for some of its perceived aspects. It is said to cause dispatching problems, to be more expensive than fossil fuel, to have a limited global potential, and to represent a high cost to society. This last critique has now been contradicted by GE Energy Financial Services.

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July 1st

Are we running out of energy efficiency?

Improving energy efficiency has been a constant concern ever since the oil crisis of the seventies. Today, it is seen as one of the solutions for mitigating climate change and improving energy security. Many numbers for energy saving potentials circulate, but how realistic are these? Despite the current high oil price, energy efficiency improvements these days are not as big as they were during the first oil crisis. Why is energy efficiency so hard to pursue? Have we really exhausted the energy savings potential?

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