New Italian law on installations repealed?

19 June 2008

As a result of a well timed of contractor associations, Italian Government should have modified his decision about the abrogation of DM 37/08.

In the new decree, which will be published in the upcoming days on the Official Gazette, only art. 13 of DM 37/08 should be repealed, while all other articles should be remain effective.

Article 13 is related to the obligation of providing installation compliance certificates when selling buildings.

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Energy Efficiency - the solution to high energy prices

The leading European associations in the energy efficiency sector today called on EU Heads of State and Government to strengthen the energy efficiency agenda in Brussels and adopt a mandatory energy efficiency target for Europe in order to limit the impact of high energy prices.

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Climate change influencing the electricity network

Extreme weather conditions might increase failure rate

How will higher temperatures due to climate change influence the efficiency of electricity transmission and distribution? Last April, Nastaran Rahimi posed this interesting question in the Leonardo Energy forum. Stefan Fassbinder replied by making the rough estimate that a temperature rise of 2°C would increase network losses by 0.04% of the total throughput. This conclusion, if correct, is a fairly negligible effect compared to other network losses. The idea that ‘climate change increases network losses, increasing climate change in their turn’ does not hold.

This conclusion does not mean that climate change will have no influence on the electrical system. The main negative consequence will be operation and maintenance issues due to extreme weather conditions. A relatively small global temperature increase can change local climates, leading to a significant increase of days with potentially harmful extreme weather.

One such extreme condition is summer drought. Sergio Ferreira has already reported that in the summer of 2007, ‘several nuclear and other power plants had to be shut down due to very hot ambient and river water temperatures in Western Europe (particularly in France)’. A study in 2007 by the Finnish research institute VTT shows that many other climate issues could affect the reliability of the electrical system. Read full article

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