November 27th

Kyoto target achievable for EU-15

But use of Kyoto mechanisms and carbon sinks required

There has been a lot of buzz in recent years about the EU-2020 emission reduction targets. So much in fact, that we might quite easily forget that the first Kyoto goal set by the European Union has still not been achieved - the final date for that goal is 2012. This goal was established for the EU-15 and not for the EU-27 as are the 2020 targets. It prescribes an average annual emission level of -8% compared to the base year for the period from 2008 to 2012.

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November 26th

Protecting Power Transformers From Common Adverse Conditions

Power transformers of various size and configuration are applied throughout the power system. These transformers play an important role in power delivery and the integrity of the power system network as a whole. Power transformers have operating limits beyond which transformer loss of life can occur. This paper examines the adverse conditions to which a power transformer might be subjected. Our discussion includes transformer overload, throughfault, and overexcitation protection.

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November 14th

Development of Economical Analysis and Technical Solutions for Efficient Distribution Transformers

A.F. Picanço, C de Salles, M.L.B. Martinez, P.C. Rosa, H.R.P.M. de Oliveira

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November 5th

REEEP / UNIDO Training Package for Sustainable Energy Regulation and Policymarking for Africa

A new training package on “Sustainable Energy Regulation and Policymaking for Africa” is now freely available via the REEEP website. Developed by UNIDO with contributions from a number of organisations, and co-funded by REEEP, it provides an introduction to the key issues relating to the energy market and energy regulation as they affect sustainable energy.

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November 3rd

Ocean grids around Europe

Several European countries have a policy to encourage the development of renewable en-ergy sources. This is identified in e.g. the European green paper Energy strategy for a sus-tainable, competitive and secure energy supply (March 2006). In the transition towards a European sustainable energy system for the future and to reduce the dependency of im-ported primary energy sources such as oil and gas, the development of offshore wind power is an essential element.

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Centralised Reactive Power Compensation

In this guide, you will learn how to determine the maximum and minimum compensator power in order to compensate reactive power in case of harmonic pollution.

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October 30th

Dynamic Current Limitation to Provide Interactive Features of Power-Electronics Interfaced Distributed Generation

By Fainan Hassan and Math Bollen

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October 24th

How efficient are compact fluorescent lamps?

The EU is banning the use of incandescent lamps. Replacing an incandescent bulb by a compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) does indeed save around 75 % of the energy consumed. But how feasible is it to try and replace all existing incandescents by CFLs? Are today’s CFLs up to the job, or are technical improvements still required? And what about the alternatives? Are there any other light sources of equally high-efficiency as CFLs but without the disadvantages?

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October 15th

Variable renewables in flexible electricity systems

A recent report from IEA explores how variable renewables can be integrated on a large-scale into the electricity system.

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September 30th

Questionnaire - Extended Power Quality Survey Project

We are carrying out a major pan-European project to identify a number of issues relating to current levels of Power Quality. Our aim is twofold:

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