October 30th

Dynamic Current Limitation to Provide Interactive Features of Power-Electronics Interfaced Distributed Generation

By Fainan Hassan and Math Bollen

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October 24th

How efficient are compact fluorescent lamps?

The EU is banning the use of incandescent lamps. Replacing an incandescent bulb by a compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) does indeed save around 75 % of the energy consumed. But how feasible is it to try and replace all existing incandescents by CFLs? Are today’s CFLs up to the job, or are technical improvements still required? And what about the alternatives? Are there any other light sources of equally high-efficiency as CFLs but without the disadvantages?

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October 15th

Variable renewables in flexible electricity systems

A recent report from IEA explores how variable renewables can be integrated on a large-scale into the electricity system.

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Designing PV incentive programs to promote performance: A review of current practice in the US

Published in Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews Volume 12 Issue 4, May 2008, Pages 960-998

Galen Barbose, Ryan Wisera and Mark Bolinger

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October 14th

Handbook of Power Quality: The case studies

The Handbook of Power Quality available in online bookshops since April 2008, has now been complemented with a website providing the reader with case-studies for each chapter and extensive appendices listing current standards, relevant mathematical formulas, and electrical circuits’ principles.

To download case studies and appendices, please visit the publisher's website.

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October 1st

Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Policies in Europe and the United States

IEEP and its partner, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) have published a report on “Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Policies in Europe and the United States”. This report includes the main conclusions of our joint project - Transatlantic Platform for Action on the Global Environment (T-PAGE). T-PAGE has provided a platform for debate to stimulate dialogue and exchange of experiences between environmental NGOs, academia and other interested civil society organisations in the U.S. and EU.

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September 30th

Questionnaire - Extended Power Quality Survey Project

We are carrying out a major pan-European project to identify a number of issues relating to current levels of Power Quality. Our aim is twofold:

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September 29th

Overvoltages due to Wind Power - Hosting Capacity, Deterministic and Statistical Approaches

This paper introduces methods to quantify the impact of wind power and other types of distributed generation on the overvoltage risk. The so-called hosting capacity approach, introduced in the very first issue of this magazine, is used as the basic approach. Both a deterministic and a statistical approach are introduced. The deterministic approach is suitable for generation with a constant production most of the time.

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September 26th

A view on Nuclear Energy

The following article is the result of an interview with Jean Van Vyve and provides a brief overview of the significance of and prospects for nuclear energy in the energy sector. The article is published as an eBook so you can scroll the different pages using the titles below. The full article is also available as a PDF for download.

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September 25th

Distributed Generation Impact on Voltage Sags in Distribution Networks

Characteristics of voltage sags caused by faults in distribution networks depend on the design of the protection system and the coordination between the different protective devices. The presence of distributed generation (DG) changes the radial nature of distribution systems, so it can affect the performance of the protection system, and consequently the characteristics of voltage sags. In addition, DG will help to maintain the during-fault voltages of healthy phases.

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