November 20th

How green is clean power?

The problem of additionality

Green electricity sold by utility companies is a peculiar product. It guarantees the origin of your power, just like an ethical investment fund guarantees the origin of your profit, but what is the solid evidence for such a guarantee?

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November 14th

Development of Economical Analysis and Technical Solutions for Efficient Distribution Transformers

A.F. Picanço, C de Salles, M.L.B. Martinez, P.C. Rosa, H.R.P.M. de Oliveira

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November 13th

EU: 2nd Strategic Energy Review

EU’s energy future has a new steering mechanism. The European Commission has proposed today its Second Strategic Energy Review, a wide ranging package aiming at strengthening energy security in Europe and supporting the 20-20-20 climate change proposals.

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Ocean power predicted to increase hundredfold in six years

$4 billion investment required

Ocean power is still a minor in the renewable energy sector. It consists mainly of wave power and tidal stream power, and both technologies have only just embarked on their first commercial projects. Today, less than 10 MW of ocean power capacity has been installed.

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November 12th

Techno-economic Analysis of Methods to reduce Damage due to Voltage Dips

A voltage dip is a Power-Quality phenomenon, often caused by short circuits in the electricity grid, in which the supplying voltage decreases during a short period of time (typically <2s). Some process components, such as variable speed drives and computers, are extremely sensitive to such dips, which may result in a complete process outage.

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November 10th

Energy Efficiency in Hotels

This Application Note aims at describing the use of energy and the potential energy savings in the hotel sector, on the basis of theory and practical case studies. Hotels and restaurants represent some 9% of total energy consumption in the utility buildings sector. Utility buildings are offices, shops, hotels, restaurants, educational establishments and care institutions.

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November 5th

REEEP / UNIDO Training Package for Sustainable Energy Regulation and Policymarking for Africa

A new training package on “Sustainable Energy Regulation and Policymaking for Africa” is now freely available via the REEEP website. Developed by UNIDO with contributions from a number of organisations, and co-funded by REEEP, it provides an introduction to the key issues relating to the energy market and energy regulation as they affect sustainable energy.

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November 3rd

Ocean grids around Europe

Several European countries have a policy to encourage the development of renewable en-ergy sources. This is identified in e.g. the European green paper Energy strategy for a sus-tainable, competitive and secure energy supply (March 2006). In the transition towards a European sustainable energy system for the future and to reduce the dependency of im-ported primary energy sources such as oil and gas, the development of offshore wind power is an essential element.

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November 1st

A slide library for energy educators

The Leonardo ENERGY initiative is building a slide library for energy educators. So far, over 5,000 slides have been collected. Through this page, we offer users to browse and download selected presentations from this library. We'll be adding to this page regularly, so bookmark it for future reference.


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October 30th

Dynamic Current Limitation to Provide Interactive Features of Power-Electronics Interfaced Distributed Generation

By Fainan Hassan and Math Bollen

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