October 24th

How efficient are compact fluorescent lamps?

The EU is banning the use of incandescent lamps. Replacing an incandescent bulb by a compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) does indeed save around 75 % of the energy consumed. But how feasible is it to try and replace all existing incandescents by CFLs? Are today’s CFLs up to the job, or are technical improvements still required? And what about the alternatives? Are there any other light sources of equally high-efficiency as CFLs but without the disadvantages?

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October 15th

Variable renewables in flexible electricity systems

A recent report from IEA explores how variable renewables can be integrated on a large-scale into the electricity system.

The report proposes to replace the term 'intermittency' with 'variability'. Calling renewables intermittent is misleading, since wind or solar power do not drop from full power to zero and vice versa - they are available at some level much of the time, and ramp up or down following gradients dictated by weather.

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Designing PV incentive programs to promote performance: A review of current practice in the US

Published in Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews Volume 12 Issue 4, May 2008, Pages 960-998

Galen Barbose, Ryan Wisera and Mark Bolinger

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October 14th

Handbook of Power Quality: The case studies

The Handbook of Power Quality available in online bookshops since April 2008, has now been complemented with a website providing the reader with case-studies for each chapter and extensive appendices listing current standards, relevant mathematical formulas, and electrical circuits’ principles.

To download case studies and appendices, please visit the publisher's website.

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Sustainable Energy Blogs

Hereby our list of Sustainable Energy Blogs. Vote, comment or add your own:

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October 13th

Integrated Home Systems

Leonardo ENERGY has launched a new online resource concerning the automation of modern homes for electrical contractors and educational bodies.

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October 4th

Education Programmes (B.Sc or M.Sc) on sustainable energy

Dear Colleagues:

We received a reader question for existing dedicated education programmes on sustainable energy leading to a Bachelor or Master's degree.

If you know programmes dedicated to sustainable energy, energy efficiency or renewables, thanks for letting us know. We're interested in programmes around the world in any language. 

I'll assemble a list for future reference.

Best regards,

Hans De Keulenaer
Leonardo ENERGY

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October 3rd

Webinar in French - RETScreen

Ce webinaire qui a eu lieu le 12 septembre était une présentation de RETScreen. RETscreen est un outil unique d'aide à la décision développé en collaboration avec de nombreux experts de l'industrie, du gouvernement et du milieu académique.

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October 1st

Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Policies in Europe and the United States

IEEP and its partner, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) have published a report on “Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Policies in Europe and the United States”. This report includes the main conclusions of our joint project - Transatlantic Platform for Action on the Global Environment (T-PAGE). T-PAGE has provided a platform for debate to stimulate dialogue and exchange of experiences between environmental NGOs, academia and other interested civil society organisations in the U.S. and EU.

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September 30th

Questionnaire - Extended Power Quality Survey Project

We are carrying out a major pan-European project to identify a number of issues relating to current levels of Power Quality. Our aim is twofold:

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