July 17th

Wind energy subsidies yield more than they cost

Wind energy is often criticised by competing forms of energy generation for some of its perceived aspects. It is said to cause dispatching problems, to be more expensive than fossil fuel, to have a limited global potential, and to represent a high cost to society. This last critique has now been contradicted by GE Energy Financial Services.

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July 11th

Toroidal cores

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July 10th

10% solar electricity in the US by 2025

A new study by Clean Edge concludes that generating 10% of the electricity consumed in the US with solar energy by 2025 is a feasible target. The Utility Solar Assessment (USA) Study has presented utilities, solar companies, and regulators a roadmap of how to reach this target.

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July 3rd

New growth factors for wind industry

The wind sector has been growing spectacularly over the past decade. However, to sustain these impressive growth figures over the next twenty years in Europe and North America, business-as-usual will not be enough. In several European countries, the number of remaining onshore sites for building new wind farms is already declining (see interview with François and Benoît Henriet, 'Barriers for wind projects', on this blog).

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July 1st

Are we running out of energy efficiency?

Improving energy efficiency has been a constant concern ever since the oil crisis of the seventies. Today, it is seen as one of the solutions for mitigating climate change and improving energy security. Many numbers for energy saving potentials circulate, but how realistic are these? Despite the current high oil price, energy efficiency improvements these days are not as big as they were during the first oil crisis. Why is energy efficiency so hard to pursue? Have we really exhausted the energy savings potential?

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June 26th

Intelligent building systems as a tool for monitoring power consumption and quality in a building

Power supply systems and power industry in contemporary world are significant, if not the most important, sectors of any company, each country and the entire world economy.

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How poor is the US electric grid?

Experts seem to agree on the fact that the current U.S. electric grid has room for improvement. The rise in the number of blackouts in the US over the last twelve years clearly demonstrates this fact (see my post of 2 June.) However, opinions differ on how dramatic the situation really is.

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June 25th

Leonardo Energy Designer tools

Leonardo Energy is developing a toolset of calculation instruments in order to help designers with practical information and tools.

The aim is to make electrical engineers life easier. 

Three tools are currently available for download.


  • February 11, 2016: update of the SCC calculation tool
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June 24th


Availability - the proportion of time for which systems are available to do real work - is becoming increasingly important. It is now the case that most industrial and commercial consumers operate many loads that require higher power availability than that which can be obtained directly from the supply network. Improving the performance of the network is both difficult and expensive, so it is usually left to the consumer to take action to mitigate the effects of poor power quality and availability.

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Expensive production losses due to inadequate power supply at semiconductor industries

At semiconductor manufacturing plants, Power Quality (PQ) solutions can be the deciding factor in maintaining competitiveness.

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