January 22nd

Introduction to power quality & Voltage dips and short interruptions

Leonardo ENERGY Academy launches its e-learning initiative with a comprehensive programme on power quality. The first course introduces the topic of power quality and then focusses on voltage dips and short interruptions.

The course should take between 12 to 20 hours for participants with an electrical engineering background.

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January 7th

Economic Cable Sizing and Potential Savings

This study by Egemin explores and quantifies the relationship between cable sizing in non-residential electrical installations and energy savings. Such savings can justify larger cross sections up to a point. A trade-off between additional investment and operational savings is to be made.

The analysis follows these steps:

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December 5th, 2013

Safe Electrification for Argentina’s Slum Dwellers

A compact, safe and quick-installation system for the electrification of slum dwellings has been developed in Argentina.

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December 4th

World Electrical Safety Barometer

Residential electrical installations can be made entirely safe, thereby reducing the risk of electrically induced fires and electrocution to an absolute minimum. Ensuring this level of safety requires best practices in design, installation and inspection. However, the majority of countries around the world are missing the right mix of standards, regulation and education to make this happen.

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November 27th

Transformer Replacement Decisions

Transformer replacement before failure can be motivated by several legitimate reasons. These include environmental and fire safety regulations, changes in the load or the voltage level, an increased risk of failure due to transformer ageing, or the aim to improve the energy efficiency. This last motivation is less common, unfortunately. Replacing a transformer with a new one with higher energy efficiency will in many cases lead to a lower Life Cycle Cost of the device.

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November 21st

Replicable NAMA Concept - Promoting the Use of Energy Efficient Motors in Industry

Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions - NAMAs are a relatively new concept under the international climate policy framework to channel finance, technology and capacity building support to developing countries to drive climate change mitigation.

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November 17th

Lost power could fund electricity expansion in Africa

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November 14th

The role of hydrogen in seasonal energy storage

As solar and wind energy replace fossil fuels for electricity generation and space heating, the need for seasonal energy storage will increase.  Seasonal storage options include pumped hydro, compressed air energy, thermal, hydrogen, and biomass.  I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each and the role hydrogen can play in seasonal energy storage.

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November 11th

Everything you want to know about the global energy system

The second edition of the Global Energy Assessment (GEA) is a colossus. It contains no less than 1,865 pages of densely packed and informed data, analysis, and possible outcomes. It was written by a global panel of 30 highly specialized authors and reviewed by another 180 energy specialists.

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October 31st

Analysis of the Power Network at the Point of Connection of Two Hoist Machines Converter Drives

The analysis of electrical power quality is aimed at improving power systems performance. A reliable analysis of power quality allows determining investment needs and their scope, so that a network could be operated continuously and in compliance with relevant standards. A correct analysis and measurements require the use of both the adequate instrumentation and measurement algorithms.

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