February 2nd, 2015

Webinar Course schedule

Last updated March 22th, 2016

Welcome to this page where we list upcoming courses and recently archived courses (freely available on-demand 24/7), recent publications and help requests. Visit as well our list of past events.

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January 29th

European Postgraduate Programs in Sustainable Energy

While European graduate and post-graduate programs in sustainable energy can vary in terms of duration, content, curriculum, level of detail, degree, etc., there are a few common characteristics that can be used to segment available programs. The main classification criteria include - among others - topic/ sector, duration, credits awarded, type of degree and delivery mode.

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January 28th

IEA DSM Annual Report - Styling DSM

The IEA DSM Programme has a new strategy. This is a part of the process to extend the term for the Programme and requires moments of consideration over what has been achieved in the past and what is required for the future. A process that is necessary and useful but not entirely pleasant! Just as we all, with growing age, do not always find it pleasant to see ourselves in the mirror in the morning.

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January 21st

Future Power Systems

"The Future is out there somewhere; we just have to make sure we get the best one"

"There are an infinite number of ways of running an Electricity Supply system badly"

When the GB System Demand Peaks at 60GW, we are pushing 85 million Brakehorsepower through a quite fragile set of wires.

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January 18th

Forty years of energy security trends

An interesting article by Marilyn A. Brown et al. entitled ‘Forty years of energy security trends: A comparative assessment of 22 industrialized countries’ concludes that many industrialized countries have made limited progress toward the goal of achieving secure, reliable and affordable supplies of energy while also transitioning to a low-carbon energy system.

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January 15th

New webinar series on the low carbon economy

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new and very exciting series of webinars on the low carbon economy.

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Energy saving opportunities per sector

Improving energy efficiency – doing more with less energy – is a key objective. It is fundamental to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, maintain secure energy supplies, cut greenhouse gas emissions, increase the productivity of businesses, save money, and enhance the quality of life.

In all sectors it is therefore vital that energy efficiency opportunities are fully deployed.

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January 8th

Options to decarbonize industrial energy use

Industry contributes directly and indirectly to about 37% of the global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, with a major share from the energy intensive industries. This situation demands strong actions to improve energy efficiency and reduce the GHG emission intensity of industrial plants. Taking action in this direction will also enhance the competitiveness and productivity of the industry and will provide them with a range of ancillary benefits.

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December 23rd, 2014

Energy efficiency: case studies in industry

A number of economic case studies on the application of energy efficiency measures in an industrial environment:

  1. variable speed drive for water pump
  2. variable speed drive on combustion air fan
  3. energy savings in compressed air systems
  4. steam valve insulation
  5. condenser set point in cold storage room


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December 17th

Good Practice Guide

The Leonardo Energy Good Practice Guide covers power quality, energy efficiency, renewable energy systems, electrical networks and electricity for buildings. This page provides a thematic overview of our 70+ published application notes in 10 themes:

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