America's leading energy efficiency programmes

The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) recently published a compendium of exemplary energy efficiency programmes. It is the second report of this kind; the first being completed in 2003. The Compendium contains the profiles of 90 of America’s leading energy efficiency programmes sponsored by the utility sector (electricity and natural gas). They are either funded by utility rates, public benefits charges, or other similar utility revenue mechanisms. The 90 programmes were selected from a large number of nominations.

Together, the selected programmes achieved annual savings of 2,400 GWh of electricity, 400 MW of peak demand, and 125 million therms of natural gas (= 13.185 TJ or 3.663 GWh).

Covering the entire spectrum

The report is available for free on the ACEEE website, including brief summary profiles of the 90 programmes selected. The programmes cover the entire spectrum of customers, including residential, small business, schools, offices, industries, and agriculture. They cover programmes for all types of energy appliances, from industrial processes to residential lighting. Also included are individual customers—tailored programmes that lead to comprehensive packages of energy efficiency measures at a single company or site.

Advocating a greater role for Energy Efficiency

According to ACEEE, the 90 selected programmes prove that energy efficiency works. The organisation advocates 'a greater role for energy efficiency in the energy resource portfolios of today and tomorrow'. It strongly regrets the fact that there are still large parts of the U.S. with little or no access to energy efficiency programmes such as those selected in the compendium.


Compendium of Champions: Chronicling Exemplary Energy Efficiency Programs from Across the U.S.

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