And the world's largest offshore wind farms

The world's largest wind farms are 2 facilities in Denmark of 160 MW each (Horns Rev and Nysted). But their leading position may soon be overtaken - Scottish Power has announced starting a 322 MW project and there are 2 more projects in the pipeline. In USA, the first offshore wind farm - the Cape Cod project is turning into a saga, but if completed, it adds up to 420 MW of capacity.

And a Norwegian project of 1,500 MW may in turn dwarf all.


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Horns Rev is the largest offshore wind farm in terms of number of turbines = 80 turbines, each 2 MW, installed capacity 160 MW, Horns rev was finished 2002

Nysted is the largest offshore wind farm in terms of total capacity = 72 turbines, each 2.3 MW = 165.6 MW, Nysted was finished October 2003

The largest onshore wind farm is, as far as I know, King Mountain in Texas. The farm uses 214 times 1.3 MW turbines. total capacity 278.2 MW. The project was finished 2001. Larger projects are currently under construction/development

The largest wind turbines are:

  • in terms of diameter it is the Repower 5 MW. The turbine has a diameter of 126 meter. The first prototype was installed in 2004
  • in terms of capacity it is the Enercon E112. The turbine has a diameter of 116 meter and has a installed capacity of 6 MW. The 6 MW prototype of the E112 was installed in 2005
By Hans De Keulenaer 04/06/2006
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The world record for largest offshore wind farm is broken once more, and now goes to the Walney 367 MW wind farm in the UK.

By Hans De Keulenaer 10/02/2012
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