Earthing systems

The last tenth course in the comprehensive programme on power quality covers the subject of reliability of electricity supply.

The knowledge acquired during the course should be sufficient for:

  • understanding earthing principles
  • selecting earthing technique
  • specifying earthing systems
  • performing main earthing measurements

The course should take about 20 hours for participants with an electrical engineering background.

Enrolment for this course (PQ06) is open. Please join Academy here


Introduction and basic definitions
Typical elements of earthing installation
Electric resistivity of soil
Earthing resistance and surface potential distribution
Typical earth electrode constructions:

  • simple earth electrodes
  • foundation earth electrodes
  • meshed electrodes

Dynamical properties of earth electrodes
Durability (life time) of earth electrodes
Measurements of earthing arrangements

Teacher – course administrator: Roman Targosz

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