Ecodesign Toolbox for EuP Phase 2 – from product to system ecodesign

Following a successful Phase 1 of the project “Ecodesign Toolbox for EuP”, Leonardo ENERGY has developed the project with a Phase 2, this time including a systems approach.

The objective of the project was to enlarge the number of products possible for modelling and improve the robustness of the models, but at the same time provide further simplification on the user perspective. Alongside this, the boundaries shifted from ecodesign of simple products to ecodesign of energy consuming products in a system view, also including energy provision aspects.

The system focus is on heating and cooling equipment and on non-complex electricity using products (excluding IT and ICT), including the possibility of using different power provision systems based renewable and non-renewable energy carriers.

The toolbox interface was designed to facilitate the use of the models by non-LCA experts, providing an automated report compiling the results of the study.

The scheme bellow illustrates how the Ecodesign Toolbox Phase 2 models are articulated and how the different products are treated and integrate the model.

The numbers represent the product groups as follows:

1 – electricity consuming products, industrial equipment, cooling equipment and heavy duty appliances

2 – Thermal energy products

3 – Power producers, wind or hydro power plants and non-renewable based power plants





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