EU: 2nd Strategic Energy Review

EU’s energy future has a new steering mechanism. The European Commission has proposed today its Second Strategic Energy Review, a wide ranging package aiming at strengthening energy security in Europe and supporting the 20-20-20 climate change proposals.

The package includes a large series of documents reinforcing energy efficiency legislation and giving particular stimulus to investments in more efficient, low carbon networks. The Commission places this package at the centre of its political agenda in order to achieve its energy objectives of sustainability, competitiveness and security of supply. This implies an overhaul of Europe’s energy system and the active involvement of public authorities, energy regulators, infrastructure operators, the energy industry and citizens.

The Commission stresses that European leaders need to give clear messages on the energy strategy. Hence the Strategic Energy Review. On this logic, it acknowledges the fundamental role of energy efficiency: “Energy and its use affect us all. Energy efficiency combats climate change, improves energy security, contributes to the attainment of the Lisbon goals, and reduces costs for all EU citizens.” and demonstrates a clear intention of giving a “new impetus on energy efficiency”.

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