Heat Pumps for Larger Buildings

Heat pumps are increasingly being used in medium and large buildings to provide both heating and cooling. If specified and installed correctly they present a very good opportunity to save energy and reduce carbon emissions compared to traditional building heating and cooling technologies. This application note provides an overview of the types of heat pumps available along with the advantages and constraints of installing them in larger buildings.

The key appeal of heat pumps is that they have the ability to take low grade heat from a source and transfer it at a higher temperature to where it is needed in a relatively energy efficient manner. There is a great deal of flexibility in the heat sources available, for example external air, underground pipework, boreholes and local watercourses and ponds are all commonly used sources. Choosing the most appropriate heat source for a building will depend on weighing up all the advantages and constraints of the options available and looking at the whole life costs of the installation. The relatively high installation costs compared to gas boilers, especially with ground source heat pumps, needs to be considered against the lower running costs and carbon reduction that can be achieved.

A heat pump will in most cases save on carbon emissions compared to a fossil fuel boiler, but the exact carbon savings that can be achieved will depend on a number of factors. The heat source should be closely matched with the building’s heat requirements, and the most energy efficient components should be used in both the heat pump and the distribution system. The control systems should be set up to ensure that heating and cooling is only provided where and when required. The building fabric should be designed to ensure heat loss is minimised. It is only by taking a holistic view of the entire heating and cooling systems for a building that a proper assessment of the suitability for heat pumps can be made.


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I would like to know the better option between centralised and unitary space cooling systems in buildings. 

By amina batagarawa 03/07/2013
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