Voltage dips in continuous processes: case study

This Application Note describes an industrial case study in a nylon extrusion plant. Investigation revealed a history disruptive dips at the plant with significant loss of production. Examination of the records showed that the plant was affected by faults in a wide area of the network; the objective of the study was to decide how to limit the exposure of the plant to these faults. The options for improvement include measures at the equipment, installation and network level. Several solutions are proposed and the cost of each estimated.

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  • Standard extrusion machines have hardly any sag immunity
  • Retrofitting existing textile extrusion lines is sometimes possible
  • This should always start with a proper data collection
  • Immunization can be realized within the process, between the process and the grid, or within the grid
  • In our case, a network solution was the only viable option; but in similar cases, other solutions proved more profitable