Home automation to avoid energy wastage

Please let me know if your co. can provide auto controls for the following problem. I own a vacation home in Lake Placid N.Y. where winter temperatures usually drop to negative numbers every night. I have a tenent occuping a small apartment above an attached garage that has its own zone in a oil fired forced hydronic system. My problem is that the tenent opens the two windows in the apt. and turns the stat to 76 and leaves all day so her cat can get fresh air. I am basically heating the Adirondacks 24/7 when I am not there to shut the windows and turn down heat. I only visit this home 2 weekends a season. The home does not have a land phone but does have wireless signal for a laptop computer. Is there any way to sense open window and shut down heat until it becomes dangerous to freezing and sends a call to my tenent,myself,e-mail alert,and my handyman to right this problem. I currently live 6 hrs away and this is why the need for a handyman. Also I have 2 zones in my house that I set at 45 degrees(havent had any problems for five years)and one zone for domestic hot water and would like to monitor these.



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The technology to perform all the functions you listed exists. Please refer to our eBook on integrated home systems:

However, to find the right components in your local market, and to connect them together into a system, you'll need the help of a professional electrician. To help you in the discussion with your electrician, please find our checklist for electrical installations:

For specific information, for example to find a qualified contractor, you can try your National Electrical Contractors Association www.necanet.org/

Good luck with the project.

By Hans De Keulenaer 24/08/2009
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