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Michal Ramczykowski


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7 years 6 months

Job title

Managing Director


Polish Copper Promotion Centre (Copper Alliance)





Short biography

Michal Ramczykowski was born in December 20, 1971. He graduated from Wroclaw Academy of Economy in 1997, Faculty of Management and Marketing. He has experience in marketing and sales as well as in from Euro American Consortium and Volvo company Directorate where he worked between 1996 and 1998. From November, 1998 in Polish Copper Promotion Centre. His focus has been in areas of managing electrical & energy projects with special interest to coordination market development projects on polish market. He is LPQI project Manager in Poland. Michal co-ordinated IEE Project on 'Energy Efficient Electric Motor Systems in New Member Countries' (4EM-MCP). Announced in 2008 as Managing Director of Polish office, he started to manage also BC, Communications and Antimicrobial Copper programs in Poland. He graduated with MBA diploma in 2011.

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