Quality - The Achilles heel of the WLED

The Lumina project, which is engaged in development of LED-lighting equipment, primarily for use in developing countries and in applications where people do not have access to conventional power, has studied the quality of White LEDs (WLED). The results are remarkable! In 26 batches studied, there is a huge variation in efficacy (Lumens/Watt) by a factor of 5! Even within the batches, there are enormous variations. So, quality management and assurance is of major importance for WLEDs before they can compete for any applications.

But that is not all!

A system to use PV-charged devices contains several other components to function properly. The study made by LBL therefore also suggests 14 different protocols to ensure the quality of the systems. Again, this is proof that it is now a simple swap to get new technology onto the market and serve people the way it is intended to.

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