Ten “Factor Ten” solutions [E-BOOK]

Ten “Factor Ten” solutions

When Factor Four was first introduced, the idea was double to wealth and reduce resource use by a factor 2, i.e. quadupling resource productivity. The concept has been summed up as 'doing more with less'.

Going beyond this, Factor Ten is the idea that per capita resource consumption in OECD countries should be reduced 10 times. Targeting factor 10 gives us a reasonable chance to achieve factor 4.

Surprisingly, technologies are already available to reach such ambitious aim, in a variety of sectors.

In this new eBook by Leonardo ENERGY, let us guide you through the solutions that help you to save money and CO2, from LEDs to computers via low-energy buildings or electric bicycles.

Have a great read !

About the authors

Dr. Anne Rialhe, engineer, is working on policies and studies on rational use of energy, renewable energy development and green building. She is leading AERE (www.aere.fr)

Christophe Corbet is a former biotechnologist, now involved in energy savings and renewable energy sources. He has been working with Anne Rialhe for 6 months, mainly on passive and low energy dwellings (christophe.corbet@gmail.com)

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