Third international workshop on distribution transformer efficiency

In Treviso in September 2002, a milestone workshop on distribution transformer efficiency was held, summarising the world's available evidence in this area, The workshop was organised under the patronage of European Commision - JRC, International Energy Agency and COTREL

Session 1 - Introduction
(Moderator Prof Bossi, President CENELEC TC 14 - Power Transformers)
  • Opening - European perspective (P Bertoldi, European Commission
  • World-wide potential for energy saving from high efficiency transformers (B Lebot, International Energy Agency) - view
  • Energy efficiency in transmission and distribution (G Strbac, UMIST) - view
  • Transformer efficiency in a liberalised market (C Hewicker, KEMA) - view
  • Distribution transformers - efficiency standards (D Allan, UMIST)- view
Session 2: Country Schemes
(Moderator John Mollet, Electric Programme Director - International Copper Association)
  • USA (D Brender, CDA Inc & N Brush, BBF)
  • Japan's toprunner scheme (M Hoshino, METI) - view
  • Australia - Mandatory Minimum Energy Performance Standards for
    Distribution Transformers (T Marker, Australian Greenhouse Office)
  • Switzerland (S Fassbinder, DKI)
  • Central Europe (R Targosz, ECI) - view
Session 3: Tutorial
(Moderator Prof Belmans, President UIE)
  • Transformer loss evaluation (M McDermott, MMA)
  • Industrial Transformers (A Baggini, TU Bergamo) - view
  • Super-trafo demonstration project (R Targosz, ECI & I Pinkiewicz, IPE) - view
  • Beyond the magic of A & B factors (W Hulshorst, KEMA) - view
  • Case studies - Dutch market (W Hulshorst, KEMA) - view
  • Life-cycle approach to evaluate the environmental impact of distribution transformers (M de Nigris, CESI
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