Training on PV Systems - Design, construction, operation and maintenance

A free series of six webinars were delivered to provide the required knowledge to design a high performance photovoltaic (PV) installation, entering into economic evaluation and project cash-flow. Additionally, very practical aspects such as the construction, start-up, quality management and testing is reviewed. Plant operation is described in detail, with special attention paid to control systems, monitoring and information management. Maintenance rules are explained, covering procedures, spares, components and inspection plans.

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Dates (time is 16h00 Brussels time):

Click on each session to access the material (recording and slides).

1. 14 September 2010 – Design

2. 16 September 2010 – Implementation and start-up

3. 21 September 2010 – Plant operation

4. 28 September 2010 – Maintenance

5. 30 September 2010 – Economic and financial analysis

6. 6 October 2010 – Considerations for isolated installations

The content will be delivered by GENERALIA, a PV engineering and construction company with several installed MW. The Generalia Group management team has more than 20 years experience with energy and water projects.

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