Energy security and critical infrastructure resilience


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Fri, October 19, 2007 - 11:00
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1 hour / Europe Daylight Time


Ivan Benes, Cityplan


The Czech Republic has a well developed national transmission grid. Nevertheless, several emergency situations occurred last year (2006). The energy security discussion between public and private sector was accelerated. The Ministry of the Interior andĀ the Ministry of Regional Development as well as several Regional Governments sponsored several studies and research projects into how to improve population protection as well as critical infrastructure protection.

It uncoversĀ a discrepancy between crisis legislation and energy ones that creates a gap between public responsibility (to ensure human safety) and private responsibility (to make profit). This is a truly great challenge to secure energy supply in an insecure time. Safe, sustainable will be one of the topics for Czech EU presidency in 2009 year.

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