EnergyEfficiency – A Future Market for Electrical Engineers and Contractors


Date & time: 
Fri, October 24, 2008 - 13:00
Duration / timezone: 

1 hour / Central European Time (Brussels, Paris, Berlin)


Peter Kadel, Hans De Keulenaer


During this webinar, P. Kadel will present the contents of his book with special focus on the market requirements of energy consultancy.


  • Present Market Situation
  • Energy Situation World-Wide
  • Basic Calculation Rules
  • Calculation Symbols for Energy Flows
  • Requirements of Energy Consultancy
  • Examples of Energy Efficiency System Solutions
  • Energy Consultancy Concepts (ARC)
  • Summary (Chances, Possibilities and Success)

With his book “Building Energy Consultancy”, P. Kadel outlined the complete know-how surrounding the energy flow of systems and buildings. The book starts with the basic calculation rules of different energies, succeeding with information of the world-wide energy situation, introducing the calculation rules of buildings and electrical systems, improving know-how on thermal protection and systems engineering, and combines these in the chapter on energy consultancy.

Furthermore, economic requirements are considered to optimise the energy flow in buildings and systems. Many examples are included so that the reader can follow and practice the introduced knowledge. In the appendix, various tables specifiying energy values are included and there are some helpful calculation tools on the attached disc. The book is most appropriate for those who wish to expand their know-how in energy efficiency solutions.


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