PSERC Webinar - Demand Response: A Historical Perspective and Business Models for Load Control Aggregation


Date & time: 
Tue, February 1, 2011 - 00:00
Duration / timezone: 

1 hour / 13h00 Houston time (CST)


Shmuel S. Oren


Webinar recording : click here.

Review of concepts, programs and technologies aimed at enlisting demand response that evolved since the early 80's. While the technology has reached a point where many of the early experimental programs and concepts have become feasible and cost effective, the economic paradigm for demand response has not changed much. While electricity is traded as a commodity at the wholesale level, at the retail level demand response programs can be framed as "quality of service differentiation". Given this premise, it will be explained some economic paradigms for characterizing and pricing demand response programs that can underlie business models for intermediaries aggregating retail level load control into tradable wholesale market commodities.

Shmuel Oren is the Earl J. Isaac Professor in the Science and Analysis of Decision Making in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research at the University of California at Berkeley and former Chairman of that department. He serves as the Berkeley site director of PSERC and is also Co-Chair of the Management of Technology Program of the College of Engineering and Haas School of Business at Berkeley. Dr. Oren’s research focus has been in Operations Research, particularly optimization, and in mathematical modeling and analysis of economic systems.


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