Cost savings by low-loss distribution transformers in wind power plants

The purpose of this report is to show the influence of fluctuating loads and energy price on the economic optimum for distribution transformers.

Two cases are considered: an economic study based on historical data from the forward market, and an economic study into the A and B factor for wind turbines based on historical data for wind-speed and a given wind turbine characteristic.

The target group for this report are industries, utilities, project developers of wind turbines and other customers of energy efficient transformers.

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  • National governments should promote energy-efficient components and provide incentives for energy-efficient measures.
  • A European specification for a range of energy-efficient transformers is needed.
  • The feasibility to get one EU specification should be studied.
  • Energy-efficient transformers should be promoted through education of customers.
  • An energy-efficient transformer should be given a sensational name.

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