An electronic security system for your home?

Each year, tens of thousands of businesses and families are the victims of burglaries. These always leave behind deep wounds, both financially and emotionally. As a result, ever-greater demands are being placed on security. Fitting a security system is a good basis for protecting your home, flat or house in the country.

If you are considering a security system, the building first has to undergo a thorough inspection. Every property is different and requires an individual solution. The building’s weak points must therefore be determined. Also, let’s not forget the environmental factors: pets, the number of residents, the interior layout, the neighbourhood, etc. It is then useful to draw up a security concept.

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  • Discusses the various aspects involved when considering a home security system.
  • Presents the three types of security: organizational, mechanical and electronic.
  • Highlights the benefits of an electronic security system.
  • Describes how an electronic security system is used and how to avoid false alarms.
  • Presents the arming methods available with a keypad.

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