Energy Efficient Distribution Transformers

The second policy briefing brochure in the series looks at distribution transformers.

Electricity distribution losses vary from 4% to more than 20%. The adoption of efficient Distribution Transformers could save Europe about 18.5 TWh per year, equivalent to about 7 million tCO2/year.

This brochure gives insight into technical as well as environmental, economical and geopolitical advantages, drawing the business cases for adopting energy efficient Distribution Transformers. TCO, or Total Cost of Ownership, is the buzzword and the philosophy leading to optimal investments in efficient equipment.

The most significant barriers hindering this move are analysed and followed by a number of opportunities to overcome them, focusing particularly on regulatory changes that give an incentive to distribution operators to invest in efficient transformers.

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Dr L Grohmann's picture

Wilson Power Solutions, Leeds (UK) based power engineers launched a super low loss amorphous distribution transformer (Wilson E2) earlier this year. This highly efficient distribution transformer achieves convincing savings in energy costs and associated CO2 emissions.

By Dr L Grohmann (not verified) 04/06/2009


  • Suggests that efficient distribution transformers could save Europe 18.5 TWh/year.
  • Discusses the potential technical, environmental, economic and geopolitical advantages.
  • Describes business cases for adopting energy efficient distribution transformers.
  • Analyzes the most significant barriers to their adoption.
  • Describes regulatory changes that give incentives to invest in efficient transformers.