Energy Storage Technology for Performance Enhancement of Power Systems

The use of electronic loads is increasing very fast. The gap between demand and the short generation is also increasing very fast. These have made the power quality, reliability and stability a critical issue. Further, there is continuous thrust on optimal utilization of the non-conventional energy resources due to price rise of oil and environmental issues, in addition to the fact that the central power station with improved quality of power has made it necessary to use the energy storage technology. This paper focuses on the state and qualitative aspects associated with the different energy storage technologies and to enhance the system performance by envisaging properly designed energy storage devices for application in the power system at different stages.

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  • Presents the basic need for energy storage technologies (EST).
  • Describes the state-of-the-art of EST.
  • Makes a qualitative comparison of various EST.
  • Suggests an application of EST to improve the performance of power systems.
  • Highlights the importance of proper design of EST and scope of work.