Set-up of an electronic security system

In principle, the set-up and operation of all burglar alarm systems is the same. A detector registers a break-in or attempted intrusion (for example, a door being opened, a room being entered, a window being broken, etc.) and converts this into an electrical pulse that is sent to a central control panel. This control panel, or exchange as it is also known, converts this pulse into an alarm signal. The alarm signal can be an acoustic signal, a visual signal or both. A silent alarm can also be given. This silent alarm is usually sent to either the police or a security firm. In certain cases, a combination of alarm messages may be required, for example, a silent alarm coupled with an acoustic alarm in the building itself.

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  • Discusses the set-up and operation of burglar alarm systems.
  • When an installation is planned, every link must be implemented correctly.
  • Installation instructions must be followed precisely when installing detectors and positioning the exchange and alarm devices.
  • Location, design and method of security are key aspects.
  • Provides a checklist to ensure comprehensive and effective design.

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