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Society continues to become ever more digital and interconnected. To respond to this trend, Leonardo ENERGY's digital environment has become more distributed, social and interactive! This evolution will enable us to collaborate, coordinate and communicate more effectively than ever before. Rather than a single, fixed website, we have adopted a highly modular approach, with our different types of content now on various social publishing platforms to maximize their exposure.

This blog has run since 2006 to help you interpret the energy transition and currently has nearly 300 posts on diverse topics related to the energy transition. Use the Search facility to find the article(s) on a topic of interest.

Nearly 800 white papers, application notes, reports and webinar presentations are available here for online viewing or are free to download. All materials can be viewed freely, but you will need a SlideShare account (use your LinkedIn login) for downloading,.

This channel contains around 500 recorded lectures from our successful webinar program. Typically 30-40 minutes long, they are organised into playlists such as Copper Academy; DSM University (demand-side management); EPM Academy (industrial electroheat); Low Carbon Economy; Power Quality Academy; and Clean Energy.

Nearly 70 applications are described in detail here, on key components of the energy transition such as electric motors, heat pumps, transformers, induction heating and many more.

Frequently asked questions to get you started on your project for energy management, energy performance contracting , heat pumps, cogeneration, ...

Initiated in 2017 by the European Copper Institute with the support of several industry associations and media partners, DecarbEurope is growing into a recognisable and effective multichannel media campaign. Check out the blog or the partners involved.

Leonardo ENERGY is also extremely (inter)active on these two channels. Why not introduce yourself to us or comment on any of the topics we are discussing.

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